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Wooden Watches by GOGOMY

In recent years I have been happy to observe the return of wood as a trend for fashion accessories. It is great for so many reasons it is hard to list them all: it is unique, lightweight, durable, natural, original, stylish and finally, it looks even better with time!

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GOGOMY wooden watches defining the very best of wooden accessories in modern fashion trends

Introduction: Man—a non-stop evolutionary species of style and time fantasy

From time immemorial, man has always been the revolutionary being that towers above all other life forms in intelligence and style. Time consciousness is an integral part of humans who are preoccupied with keeping track of time. From hourglasses to grandfather’s clock and the alarm clock, man has always been fascinated with the undying notion of telling the time.

Thus, since the late 19th century, a lot of variation on the wristwatch has been designed following the invention of the clock. We have seen or heard about underwater watches, military adapted watches, watches designed for outer space, and watches specially designed for blind people, and many more.

Enter the wooden watch….the most intriguing of the pack!

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Nature Wood Watches Enrich Your Life

How the GOGOMY Wood Watches Enrich Your Life With the popularity of mobile phones being higher than ever before, some consider the time of the wristwatch to be over, but GOGOMY isn’t having that! This range of sleek, stylish, and comfortable watches are modern and traditional all at once. Wooden watches add a unique style […]

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New Style Wooden Watches of GOGOMY

GOGOMY is a company that makes great hand-made wooden watches and other wooden fashion accessories. We follow and lead the fashion of style, try to inspire people on creating and living a wonderful life with gorgeous accessories. Our purpose is committed to making unique, beautiful, marvelous and precise watches. We believe that the quality and […]

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