Nature Wood Watches Enrich Your Life

How the GOGOMY Wood Watches Enrich Your Life

With the popularity of mobile phones being higher than ever before, some consider the time of the wristwatch to be over, but GOGOMY isn’t having that!

This range of sleek, stylish, and comfortable watches are modern and traditional all at once. Wooden watches add a unique style to your wrist at an affordable price, and nobody does it better than GOGOMY.

About the Company

GOGOMY is a relatively new company, creating a wooden watch that combines modern minimalist styles with the natural sophistication of wood. Committing to creating unique and beautiful time pieces that are as precise as they are attractive, GOGOMY may be a new player in the wristwatch world, but they’re making an impact already.


When it comes to fashion, natural tones and colours are always in, and they don’t come more natural than wood! A wooden watch from GOGOMY will come with a wooden body and strap, and various designs of face.

Ebony Wood Watch

Let’s review a couple of GOGOMY watches in a little more detail, starting with the stunning ebony wood watch, which has a large face and vintage style, giving the feel of a traditional men’s watch with the black sandalwood adding a fresh and original touch. The watch can be resized by adding or removing the wood links with ease, meaning that this is a watch suitable for all wrist sizes.

Light Wood Watch

Another stunning watch from GOGOMY, this analogue quartz watch has a fantastic, soft wood colour that makes it less of a statement than the ebony watch, but just as noticeable. Smaller than the previous watch, this timepiece can also be altered by adding or removing links to ensure it can fit all buyers.

Environmentally Friendly

In the modern world, we all like to keep an eye on our carbon footprint, and GOGOMY wooden watches are a fantastic way to do that. Using only natural materials, GOGOMY provide eco-friendly watches which only incorporate materials that are biodegradable, so that once you are done with your watch, it can be returned to the earth. If you are someone who likes to be responsible and treat the environment with the care it deserves, these watches are the way to go.

The Benefits of Wooden Watches

If you have allergies to metal and other materials often used in watches, obviously a wooden watch is a great alternative, but even if you don’t, it can be helpful. The wooden materials, as well as looking great, are substantially less cold and uncomfortable than metal watch straps, and not as tight and hot as soft straps. Wooden watches are also a great deal lighter than their metal cousins, allowing for freedom of movement and comfort.


Wood is not waterproof, although GOGOMY watches are usually water resistant. This means that the odd splash will not cause any damage, but the watch should be removed before showering, bathing, or swimming. Wooden watches also show up stains easier, especially with the lighter colours, so it is worth cleaning the product regularly to ensure it looks its best. These stunning, intricately crafted watches, are the perfect way to look stylish, be comfortable, and protect the environment at the same time!

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