GOGOMY wooden watches defining the very best of wooden accessories in modern fashion trends

Introduction: Man—a non-stop evolutionary species of style and time fantasy

From time immemorial, man has always been the revolutionary being that towers above all other life forms in intelligence and style. Time consciousness is an integral part of humans who are preoccupied with keeping track of time. From hourglasses to grandfather’s clock and the alarm clock, man has always been fascinated with the undying notion of telling the time.

Thus, since the late 19th century, a lot of variation on the wristwatch has been designed following the invention of the clock. We have seen or heard about underwater watches, military adapted watches, watches designed for outer space, and watches specially designed for blind people, and many more.

Enter the wooden watch….the most intriguing of the pack!

The Wood Watch – A Unique Breed

In recent years, there has been an increase in many fashion accessories and wonderful pieces being designed from wood. The fashion world has boarded the wood bandwagon and has gone on to make sunglasses, ties, purse, belts, clocks, and wood watches Amazon out of the most sustainable and durable material on earth–wood.

The present-day wood watch is designed to mimic previous pocket watches. Wood is available in different types and in varying shades that are unique in what they offer and represent to the fashion world. With each grain and hue type present in Dark Sandalwood, Rosewood, Pine, and Maple, you will be given a different appearance and shade that will fully compliment your wardrobe options.


10 Amazing Reasons Why Wooden Watches Are Preferred For Everyday Wear

It is no longer news that wooden accessories like GOGOMY wooden watches are the latest trendy and refined stylish medium in the fashion industry. A Lot of fashion influencers across the globe are embracing fashion accessories made of wood, among which are wooden watches for men and wooden watches for women. There are reasons why people prefer wooden engraved watches. Below are top 10 reasons why wood watches Amazon are a better choice for everyday wear.

1. Wood is environmentally friendly

Wood is a natural material and is highly magnificent. Majority of the best wood watches today are made from woods like Rosewood, Oak, and others, which are highly sustainable and renewable. Wood does not demand much energy to process when creating products from it. In fact, it will interest you to know that wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, meaning that, when you are wearing a GOGOMY wood watch, you are saving the environment by removing chemicals from the air.

2. You look more attractive

You don’t need to be told. It is a guarantee that wearing a wood watch will get you lots of compliments and questions from friends and strangers alike, compared to when you are wearing a standard metal watch. You can wager a bet on that.

3. Wooden Watches are Chemical-Free

The last thing you want is to purchase death with your own money. Wooden watches engraved and wore closer to skin every day means your skin will be absorbing whatever that coats the wood surface. However, since the best wood watches are designed from non-toxic and chemical-free materials, you can rest assured that you‘re in the good hands of Mother Nature. The same cannot be said for metal watches which are capable of adding harmful side-effects to your everyday living.

4. Hypoallergenic

For people who are having issues with metals against their skin, purchasing wooden watches Amazon is the perfect alternative.

You heard that right! Human beings are different –some are allergic to metals, some are not. Most people are not aware of such challenges until they start wearing metal jewelry. Metal allergies can result in skin discolorization, severe rashes, and irritation. As a result, some people are not able to wear the purest metal with the best jewelry due to histamine reactions in the cells of their skin.

But with GOGOMY wooden watches engraved, the problem of allergies will never be a concern to you in this world or in the world to come.

5. They Compliment Just About Anything

Notwithstanding what you are wearing, what type of color, or where you are heading, wooden watches for men and wood watches for women will always compliment your outfit. Unlike plastic watches that are worn for recreation or metal watches worn for dress-up, GOGOMY wood watches Amazon can be worn just about anywhere of choice. The color and texture of wood watches are amazing, and since is 100% natural wood, it doesn’t matter if you are out on the beach, in a bar, at work or in a suit. You can freely wear a GOGOMY wooden watch with just about anything.

Final Thought

Your watch isn’t just for telling the time. It also tells a story about your personality. So choose your GOGOMY wooden watches today and stay in tune with nature while staying relevant with the ever changing forces of modern fashion.

The silent but unique beauty of wood watches

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